Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Been really into Mexican hot chocolate the past couple days. I read about it somewhere, years ago, and quickly forgot about it (don't you hate that?). At least until John pointed out the Mexican chocolate at the grocery store. The price was right, and I decided that it had been far too long since I'd had any hot chocolate. Wow, it really has been a bad winter.
The recipe is not perfected yet, but I've made some headway. It involves coffee and a cinnamon stick. I also plan on trying some with cayenne pepper, and I want to get my hands on some Taza chocolate. Not that Abuelita isn't good, it's just got some other stuff in there that I don't usually like to consume--you know, stabilizers, emulsifiers, etc. Will get back to you.


TheFoodGeek said...

I do love drinking chocolate with high-quality chocolate. Adding in some spice is nearly always a good idea with chocolate dishes.

meg said...

I'm a sucker for really good chocolate. I just ordered some from Askinosie. Sooo expensive, but sooo good. Valrhona is another favorite of mine.

tracingterroir said...

I'm partial to Theo (it's in Seattle) myself. Mom and Dad are coming to visit in a week and we're going on a tour of the factory!
Also - speaking of Mexican chocolate: I've taken up baking gluten-free brownies for the restaurant where I work and the favorite variety so far is the Mexican chocolate ganache topped. Cayenne + chocolate = looove.