Friday, June 26, 2009

Working (and dancing) it off

I had a great time in France. A lot of that was due to amazing food, namely things with butter in them or simply the butter itself slathered (doesn't that word just imply "liberally"?) on some of that crazy good French bread. Butter is wonderful, and I will never advocate the use of margarine instead of butter. The only problem with butter is sticks to the hips. I came back from France with hips. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I've decided that a few pounds lighter will be good for me (and my jeans that are on the verge of not fitting). But here's the great part--my job does it for me. I eat butter and cheese and whole milk and pretty much whatever I want (I am on a no sugar kick, but that actually isn't as hard as I had imagined it would be), but working is really giving me a workout. Then there's contra dancing. All that hootin' and hollerin' and stompin' and swingin' does a body good. It's nice to be back and kicking.

In other news, we had a gaggle of food bloggers come to the farm this week geared up with their cameras and tastebuds. It's always exciting to get some attention for something you've made with your own two hands. The oohs and aahs over the cheese were especially appreciated. We always enjoy entertaining interested individuals. The bloggers concerned were Marie from Tartelette, Todd and Diane from White on Rice Couple, Jaden from Steamy Kitchen, Brian from The Food Geek, Tammy from Running With Tweezers, and Alison from The Humble Gourmand. We're very anxious to see what they say about us, but judging from all the drooling it should be largely positive.

Continuing in this vein of liveliness on the farm, this weekend is the notorious farm tour. Last year we sold out of everything and were without bloomy cheeses for a few weeks afterward. This year we're expecting even larger crowds and have prepared accordingly (a.k.a. I spent the past 12 hours in the cheese kitchen and am ready to pass out). There are a lot of new things on the farm to be excited about. Namely, the cave, but also the new deck area that makes getting to the market room less treacherous. But you don't want to hear all this rambling. Hopefully, I'll have some photos of day 1 of the farm tour by late tomorrow night. Wish us luck!


TheFoodGeek said...

You say "largely positive," but I can recall a single one of us who had anything negative at all to say. You do a great job with the cheese, and I'm looking forward to eating what I brought back with me.

Good luck with the tourists!

meg said...

You're absolutely right. I think sometimes I trip over my own diction. Thanks for coming out. We really enjoyed showing you around and wished you could have stayed longer.