Wednesday, February 4, 2009

random things

There's been a "25 Random Things" thing going around on Facebook lately, and I like the idea a lot. It's an interesting way to point out things about yourself that people may not know about, and you also learn a lot about your friendsthis way. It's also fun to think of little things, quirks, foibles that you may have. It also brings you down to size because after this post you will all know exactly how bizarre I am. But we're all a little bizarre. I've been using the word "bizarre" a lot in France because it's the only word I can seem to call to mind when I want to express that I think something is strange.

Anyway: random things about me. Feel free to post some random things about yourself in the comments section. I always read my comments.

1.) I eat pb&j sandwiches with a fork and knife. Bananas too.

2.) I prefer sandals to closed-in shoes and bare feet to sandals.

3.) I think bottled water is absurd
4.) Plants fascinate me, especially ferns and mosses. It's only a matter of time before I take botany classes.
5.)Contra dancing is one of my favorite things to do in the world. They don't have contra dancing in France. Last night I went to a dance class to learn traditional Bretonne dances. It was really a lot of fun, but it wasn't contra.
6.) I really like Nutella...a lot. It's really unhealthy and tastes like some kind of chocolate frosting, and you're supposed to eat it for breakfast in Europe. So I do.

7.) I have a habit of touching fabric. I love all the different textures, and I think that the fabric something is made of is as important as the way it is made.

8.) I love the way my grandmother and great-grandmother save all their plastic containers and bags and tin foil. I try to emulate them.

9.) I love to see weathered hands. I think that older people with immaculate, smooth hands are a little suspicious. I like to see evidence that people have done things with their hands. I hope I have really rough, wrinkled hands when I get old.

10.) The one food, the only food that I cannot tolerate at all (there are others that I don't care for but that I'll eat if they're placed in front of me) is raw onions. Cooked onions are fabulous. Caramelized onions and roasted onions are even better. Raw onions make me want to gag.

11.) Roses are really beautiful flowers, but I don't understand why people like to have gardens of just rose bushes because unless they're in full bloom they're really not very pretty plants.

12.) Goodnight Moon is still one of my favorite books.

13.) I tend to like children's books better than adult books because they tend to say more in fewer words.

14.) Oiseau (French for "bird") might just be my favorite French word. Pronounced wah-zo.

15.) I knew I wanted to study French even before I had the opportunity to study French.

16.) As much as the public school system in America needs revamping, I had a wonderful high school experience, so I can't relate when people talk about their awful high school years.

17.) I think that farmers are the most amazing people in the world. I hope to be a good one someday.

18.) I recently discovered that I really, really like leeks.

19.) I don't miss my cell phone at all.

20.) I previously thought that French was the most beautiful language in the world (and I still think it's up in the top 5), but now that I've heard Finnish spoken, I might just have to take that back.

21.) Aside from my parents, the most influential person in my life is my 10th grade English teacher. Little did I know that when I met his wife she would become another incredibly influential force in my life.

22.) I hate lace.

23.) I love sushi.

24.) Burt's Bees makes the best skin-care products in the world even if they did sell out to Clorox Corp.

25.) I prefer organic to conventional, but I prefer local to organic.

26.) My favorite thing to wear is jeans and a t-shirt. In this respect I am a typical American.

27.) I am the most fickle person you are likely to meet when it comes to choosing between desserts.

28.) I don't like it when older people dye their hair. Grey and white are very becoming hair colors.

29.) Now that I've had European espresso (here expresso) I infinitely prefer it to coffee.

30.) French people are really excited about Barack Obama being elected to the presidency, which I think is great. But the French tend to be just as racist, if not more, than Americans are. There are always two sides to the coin.

31.) On the other hand, I've found French people to be really nice, contrary to the stereotype, which is good because I am very sensitive to meanness.

32.) As I've gotten older, I've become more emotional. I have yet to cry at a movie, but my eyes have teared up.

33.) I am a museum nerd. I would be happy just going around to all the museums in Europe.

34.) This past year I feel like I have completely recovered from my eating disorder. I have bad days, but so does everyone else.

35.) (in a whispery voice)--i don't really like children in general...they're too noisy...please don't hold this against me

36.) I don't like loud music. It always gives me a headache, and I'd much rather talk in a normal voice than have to yell at people. Why so many restaurants play loud music is beyond me.
37.) I hate perfume. I wish people wouldn't wear so much perfume.

38.) I despise running. It seems really bad for your joints and it bores me.

39.) I love going to the gym to work out. I'll probably never have great muscles, but working out really clears my head.

40.) I have been with the same person for 4 years (more or less), and I can't imagine being with anyone else.

41.) I am very different from the other members of my family in many ways, but I love them unreservedly. And I miss them.

42.) I am moody, can be disagreeable, pensive, stony-silent, and reclusive in spite of not wanting to be.

43.) I love talking about cheese and cheesemaking and goats. If anyone has a question regarding this subject please feel free to ask me ;)

44.) I have no doubt that cheesemaking is what I was born to do. As tedious as it can be sometimes, I love it.

45.) I wish people would wear more hats.

46.) I have hugged goats on multiple occasions.

47.) I haven't worn deodorant in a few years.

48.) I wish I could draw really well.

49.) I think it must be impossible to master the French language even if it's your mother tongue.
50.) I genuinely (for, really) hope you all have a wonderful day.


brandi said...

i hate perfume too! yay! i think it should be outlawed.

i actually do have a goat question. when i grow up someday and have my own home, i'd love to have a couple of goats, but i wondered if they could be happy as as little pair, or if they are more comfortable as a pack. could i just have a few acres and a couple of goats, or do they need more room?

hope it's great in france. :)

meg said...

you do need at least 2 goats. 3 or 4 would be even better, but no need to have more than that unless you want to. for 3-4 goats, a few acres should be plenty. you won't regret getting goats. they're wonderful animals.

brandi said...

i have vague memories of having some goats as a child, and i always loved them. it's one of my house purchasing stipulations that i have to have enough room and it be legal to have goats.


hannah's mom said...

I, too, have a goat question...
where is the goat farm/dairy you worked on? my sister is passionate (perhaps a strong word, but cannot think of a better suited one...) about dairy goats! she moved to NC almost a year ago and I was just wondering how close it is to where she is at. she lives in Godwin, outside of Fayetteville. she managed a small farm in Oregon for a wild before moving to NC and is hoping to have some dairy goats again someday. anyway, sorry for rambling, I was just wondering if I might be able to pass on some info to her...

hope your studies are going well. France sounds like quite an adventure!

meg said...

The goat dairy I work on is in Asheville--Spinning Spider Creamery. I'm not sure if the website is up right now, but if it is, the address is We do sell lots of goats after kidding season (March-early May), so if she's interested, our contact info is on the website. If the website is down, you can google us and find something.