Saturday, January 31, 2009

market fever

Ok, this post is for all of you who have lamented the lack of photos on this blog. And really, I do apologize again and again, but if you had any idea how much it rains here you would understand. But enough of that. Enjoy, but believe me--it's a lot better in person.

The above vendor is selling honey of all colors and all types--everything from wildflower honey to lavender honey, and even bee pollen for the health-foodies.

"La tendresse du jour" is a very French way of saying "this is what's good today." Literally, it means something like "today's tenderness." I love the French. The sign is advertising cheeses.

Need I tell you the cheese is my favorite part? And the most difficult to decide on? Imagine putting a small child in a candy shop--candy floor to ceiling, wall to wall--and telling him to pick one thing. That is my predicament. Have pity.

My favorite cheese vendor. He doesn't sell cheeses that he makes himself, but they are all cheeses from France. Nonetheless, he is always cheerful, singing, talking, dancing...I get the impression he really loves what he does.

Now this is another cheesemaker who definetely makes his own. This is the stand I buy my raw milk from. Today I also purchased some natural yogurt, which I'm antsy to try.

Bread. The bread here is unbelievable. All of it. Even second rate bread is good here. And absurdly cheap. I bought a loaf of the bread you see below.

This was the delight of my market journey this morning. There was a cider-making demonstration and tasting. Cider is a famous product of this area, and there are all kinds--sweeter, drier, lighter, richer...And it's not the cider that we have so much of in the states. Not at all cloyingly sweet, it's slightly alcoholic (though nowhere near wine) and effervescent. Traditionally, it is drunk with crepes, which they were conventiently selling for .80. Need I tell you that I had one?

Here's the press. The older man looking at me was incredibly friendly. He invited me over to look inside the press and made sure I tasted the cider before I left.

My market bounty this morning: cheese (morbier), yogurt, milk, a bottle of local cabernet, eggs, bananas, blood oranges, bison sausage, dried dates, an avocado, and a loaf of bread. Not to mention the croissant aux amandes (croissant studded with slivered almonds and dusted with powdered sugar) and crepe au confiture de framboise (crepe with raspberry preserves) I had for breakfast. And all for 20 euros. I feel like a queen.

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Fiona said...

What fun! I came over from David Lebovitz's blog - looks like you're having a great time in France.

mmm...French yoghurt.