Friday, January 30, 2009

ahhh...le soleil...

The sun finally came out yesterday morning, and the weather has been absolutely amazing since then. Let's hope it holds up for market tomorrow. I have been taking advantage of the weather, mind you. Today I walked to the Lac de la Maine (Maine Lake), which is a good half hour from where I live. Right now, as there are no leaves on the trees it's a little bleak, but I saw a lot of interesting birds that I've never seen before, and I can only imagine how beautiful it must be during the spring and summer.

I also saw an AMAZING film today, no kidding. I don't usually recommend movies, mostly because lately everything that comes out of Hollywood reeks of rotten eggs and bad milk, and to top it off, all the movies seem to be 3.5 hours long, and I really just don't get it--why would you prolong something that has no meritor direction? Nonetheless, Revolutionary Road is fantastic. The acting is stunning, the ideas in the film are noteworthy, it was obviously well-directed and is unpretentious, and it was just under 2 hours long, rendering it completely watchable withoutme having to get up to use the bathroom.

I know that since I'm in France I'm not supposed to be watching American films, and under typical circumstances I wouldn't, but I've been waiting for this film to come out, and there were French subtitles, which were sort of funny because this is film is so so so American. I don't want to give anything away, but I will tell you that Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio are absolutely perfect in Les Noces Rebelles (the French title for the film, which is a little inexplicable and awkward). If you saw Titanic and hated it, never fear. This is nothing like Titanic although there are plenty of analogies I could draw between a failing marriage and a sinking ship. Winslet and Dicaprio have really grown up since the 90s, and their performances are worth what you pay to get into the theater. Really, truly a fine piece of work.

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