Tuesday, September 23, 2008

gas crisis

So, there's no gas in Western NC. Much to my surprise, this is not the case anywhere else. I attempted to get some gas so I could drive to work, and, lo and behold, most gas stations had none at all, and the few that did had ridiculous lines of people waiting to fill up. My policy on waiting in line for gas is zero-tolerance. Nothing doing. I will not play that game.

In any case, I have to put in a good word for all those who are demonized by the green movement because they still drive cars (which is, I think, still the majority as much as we'd like it to be otherwise). I personally have a job on a farm out in the country. I go to school in the city. I have to drive to get to work. If I rode a bike, it would take me hours just to get there, and there are no trains and buses that I might take if I could. I like my job. I do not intend to give up my job simply to be "green" and get street cred and be real cool, etc., etc. If you happen to ride a bike or walk to work, I totally respect that, and I wish we could all do the same. I do not relish paying out the ass for a tank of gas as much as some people seem to think.

By the way, this rant comes after hearing several people say things to the effect of, "Goddamn, why don't all these goddamn people ride a bike or something?" The point is, we all can't just walk or ride a bike or bus. There just aren't enough jobs in one location for that. The way our cities are constructed, most people live in the burbs, and most of the jobs are in the city. Thus, you drive to work every day. Not to mention our public transportation systems suck. So, for people like me who don't really have much of a choice (when changing jobs just isn't an option), please be nice and don't make us feel any worse than we already do about needing gas and not being able to get it. Thanks a million.

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