Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why I haven't been posting...

Because it's spring in Appalachia. The trillium and May apples are blooming. It isn't muggy yet, the insects don't have the run of the place yet, and it isn't too hot to enjoy being outdoors yet.

I'm working on being okay with where I am, which is a beautiful place, but it's somewhere I don't belong, and I feel that most every day. I'm working on being here, being happy here, finding fulfillment in what I'm doing now. Not focusing on what I want to do, what I could be doing, the places I could be.

I'm reading books that have been sitting on the shelf. I'm writing letters to people who are important to me. I'm making art for pleasure alone. I'm eating simple meals of salads, bread, cheese, and wine. I'm working hard, sleeping hard, catching sunsets, building bonfires.

I'm soaking in life's inherent sweetness. Building up the happiness reserves. Taking the time to feel elated. Taking the time to feel steady on my fast feet.

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