Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some Things

1.) I felt really sorry for this little guy. I didn't expect to feel this way, but I had a sort of moral conflict about dropping a live lobster into a pot of boiling water. For some reason I didn't have any trouble slaughtering chickens, and lobster isn't more charismatic than chicken, so I don't know what the deal is. He's going to be very tasty though.

2.) Apparently a woman in Floriduh killed her two teenagers for "being mouthy." Fascinating. It's not funny at all, really, but it kind of is. I mean, in the wild, male animals sometimes eat their young. Can you blame them? More than anything, I think this is a tale with a moral--all teenagers should have to learn this story by heart. "And this is what happens when mommy snaps..."

3.) We've been testing soup recipes all week. This makes me feel like I'm going to a.) float away, and b.) really appreciate solid food when we get around to it again.

4.) Today we made something called "Quick Cheese Soup." Is there anyone out there familiar with cheese soup? I've heard of broccoli cheddar soup, but cheese soup? Is this a remnant of the sixties?


tracingterroir said...

My sister and I made a beer-cheddar soup one time for my parents. Maybe a German thing?

Also - Campbell's soup makes a delightful little processed can of preservative-laden cheese soup. I know. I've had it many times in my youth.

meg said...

I confess, when we made "Quick Cheddar Cheese Soup" the first thing I did after photographing it was throw it away. I really just couldn't wrap my brain around that one. It was a little too much for me.