Thursday, December 16, 2010

A pie you can't make

Tasted better than it looked, at least in the photos. That's the trouble with shooting with no natural light. Between the white meringue and the black plate there was just no way this photo was going to turn out. But a fine pie, indeed. Too bad you can't make it. Well, I guess you could, but I'd have to redo the recipe and convert the metric measurements to US. Not gonna happen.

It was a grapefruit meringue pie, but the best part wasn't the grapefruit custard (although that was nothing to sneeze at), nor was it the beautiful pile of meringue injudiciously piled on top. It was the crust that really made the pie. Think of a brown butter shortbread flecked with vanilla grains. This is why we keep extra butter in the freezer. If the American Dream could be a pie crust, this is it.

If this post really kills you and you'd like to make the pie, leave a comment, but I recommend you take an old lemon meringue pie recipe, substitute grapefruit juice for the lemon, and make a pate sucree, adding vanilla grains from a vanilla bean OR vanilla paste. Sorry to be so withholding, but I shouldn't make this recipe again for a while.

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Anonymous said...

I think the picture looks very edgy and professional. Something to be pronounced on the pages of Gastronomica or something.
;) seriously, though, it looks good and sounds even better