Monday, September 20, 2010

martha stewart definitely does not...

put red beets into a kale and potato gratin.

since red beets and kale are perhaps my two favorite vegetables, we decided to put them together in a really delicious joy of cooking recipe. you just layer potatoes and onions and kale with some butter, salt and pepper, and then pour cream over the top and bake. easy, perfectly delicious, and pretty healthy for something with butter and cream in it.

but whoever came up with this recipe probably thought about putting beets in, and then had a subsequent thought that beets dye everything they touch a very distinctive color. namely, red. and the addition of cream sort of diluted the bright red into a really sickening bubble gum pink.

so, next time, golden beets maybe? and even though martha stewart would never put anything like it in her magazine, it was extremely tasty. i had seconds. heck, i snuck back into the kitchen while john was watching the sopranos and furtively gobbled a big forkful. good enough to make me forget my manners and lose my decorum. really good.

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