Friday, August 27, 2010

oh, buttermilk, do that thing you did last time...

Buttermilk is a little funny. Most people don't really seem to get it. I mean, it's milk but it tastes a little more on the yogurty side. And then, it isn't necessarily something most people want to pour on cereal or dip cookies into. It's also not kefir, which puts it at a disadvantage among intestinally conscious shoppers who would probably get buttermilk if they thought about it for five seconds, but because they don't (is it just me or are all natural food stores terribly organized and with bad parking to boot?), they go for the probiotic emulsion with the ethnic sounding name.

But buttermilk is SO FREAKING GOOD. And not just for baking biscuits. Forget that, in fact. Go make some cornbread. Preferably unsweetened (and if you're making real cornbread it will not be sweetened). Make it in a cast iron skillet greased up with bacon drippings. Crumble a piece of cornbread into a glass and pour buttermilk over it. Eat with a spoon. You're welcome.

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TheFoodGeek said...

Since I'm already logged in from the sugar comment, I figured I'd mention that I have a thoroughly traditional southern cornbread recipe, for those who want to make some.