Friday, March 12, 2010

comfort food (part one of many more to come)

i like to push my moods out of my head. good at ignoring, good at pretending, good at secret-keeping. if you know me, even if you know me well, you most often have no idea how i'm feeling unless i'm feeling loquacious (or tipsy). as a result, i am often able to ignore how i'm feeling too. until i sit down to eat.

anything on toast means i'm tired, probably a little sad or lonely, and unmotivated. peanut butter and jelly is one of my low-point foods. i think i ate pb&j most every day in high school, and when i was in france (forgive me, foodies) i could often think of nothing loftier than spooning peanut butter into my maw right from the jar. comfort food. simple, salty, creamy, full of fat good with raspberry preserves...what more could you ask of a food?

a new thing for me is avocado on toast. something hearty spread with strong dijon mustard (there's a local mustard company that goes by the name of lusty monk--their honey mustard is exquisite), slices of avocado, and maybe some smelly cheese. i've also done a lot of the avocado-salt-pepper combo this winter--minimal effort, satisfying. sounds pathetic, i know, but we all need something uncomplicated to soothe our souls after a day of work. the other half of the avocado is good with honey (comb and all) spooned into the depression where the pit was. don't judge me, please. try it for yourself.

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