Thursday, March 18, 2010

cilantro, my love

as someone who believes herself to possess the ephemeral thing we call good taste, as someone who cooks every day for personal pleasure as well as for her job, as someone who loves food, good food, balanced food, i have a confession to make.

i love cilantro.

i am well aware that there are two camps of people--those who think cilantro tastes like body wash and those who buy bunches of it because the half acre they devoted to growing it just isn't enough. those who will spend 30 minutes picking every last vestige of it off a taco or out of a salad and those who guiltily nibble on cilantro sprigs as they inundate a perfectly good pad thai with handfuls of the stuff. i happen to belong to the latter camp, my friends, and it tastes really good to be here.

it tastes like spring and summer and indian summer and mornings and afternoons and evenings spent in the glory of green. it tastes right on my eggs at breakfast, my salad at lunch, and my miso soup at dinner. it suits me raw, cooked, fried, mixed in, on top, on the side. i love the way it smells on my fingers. i want to wear a sprig behind my ear. and to those haters out there--pish posh.


camille said...

Rock on!! Our high tunnel out here in KS has overwintered a bed of cilantro. Yum! Can you say delicious Springtime pesto? (Not to mention all the sorrel, lamb's quarters and spinach growing rampant too!)

meg said...

oooh, pesto. i had some incredible garlic scape pesto last year that i'm antsy to recreate this year.