Tuesday, March 9, 2010


What is it about bacon? I mean, really, it's just a cut of meat for god's sake. Compared to that vixen the filet mignon, that dandy of a sirloin, or even that gangsta link sausage sporting all the bling of sage, spice, and sea salt, the humble bacon is a thin, flabby Woody Allen next to more suave, Adrian Brody cuts (ok, so Adrian Brody is fairly thin, but I have a thing for him so bear with the bad metaphor). And yet, when bacon hits that cast iron, it becomes...food salvation.

Ever had a religious experience with food? Bacon is mine. Like something akin to having a vision, seeing the Sistine Chapel, and having hands laid on me to cure all my aches and pains. Bacon is it. That crunch oozing with fat. That savory of all savories. Svelte, sweaty, transformational. On salads, burgers (and why wouldn't you put one meat on top of another?), in quiche, ice cream...bacon is meat, but it transcends meat. It is a seasoning (!). It is a garnish, a main dish, an ingredient, but in every incarnation it is distinct. It's one of those lick your plate foods that makes everything go down easier. And the grease left in the pan afterwards? It'll make the sexiest over easy eggs you'll ever eat. Bon appetit, y'all.

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Cynthia S. said...

Bacon got a bad rap years ago so I switched to "turkey bacon." Then it turned out it has problems like every other food, taking its turn as the "terrible for you" food. Still, I haven't had real bacon for a couple of decades. What's wrong with me??