Sunday, June 21, 2009


I don't know if I've talked about my living situation yet, but in case I haven't let's just say that, first of all, it's free. Second, there's a reason it's free. It's a singlewide trailer at the top of a really big hill. The driveway is currently impassable unless you have a truck with 4-wheel drive (I don't, so I park at the bottom and walk up) because all the rain we've had lately has washed the gravel away. There is no air conditioning, which is fine with me--air conditioning is overrated--and honestly it would be pretty useless as some of the windows are broken and won't close. The washing machine doesn't work, three of the burners on the stove don't work, and a 3 foot (at least) black snake lives in the stove. We (my housemate and I) are on good terms with the snake because he eats the mice and rats, which were a problem but are not so much a problem anymore. This morning I woke up to find that all the electrical outlets in my room don't work. Having said all that, it's free living space, and there's indoor plumbing and (to some degree) electricity. What more can I ask for?

Actually, I enjoy being up here. The view is great, and this lifestyle is forcing me to think differently about how I cook. Lately, the menu has been mostly raw foods, toast with cheese, and dairy products from the farm (including raw milk and some raw milk kefir that I made this week). Thus the sprouts you see above. Sprouted seeds are pretty amazing. You put some seeds in a jar, rinse them every day, and you have sprouts. Once you make them it's hard to believe people actually pay for these things in supermarkets. They're so easy it seems like witchcraft.
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