Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm back

Look at those zany Germans in that photo. Gotta love the Germans. Any people that sups on offal, fermented cabbage, and the humble potato drowned in creme fraiche and butter has my allegiance. Although I've always been of the opinion that oars work better than hands I will defer to these guys. They look pretty intent, after all.

But that wasn't what my post was going to be about.

First of all, my apologies for the past few weeks. No posts, no photos, nothing. Not that I didn't take photos or have some experiences. I was just busy and a little stressed about exams. I don't make a habit of stressing for exams. My philosophy has always been do the work all semester, study for about 15 minutes for exams, and then sit back with a nice glass of rose and watch everyone else cram frantically. I have a small but active sadist side.
But in France, the land of C'est pas ma faute and Je ne sais pas, no one seemed to know when my exams were. Enter stress. I went to the secretary, to my profs, to mes amis, and none of them had a clue. I finally found out my exam dates and times a few days before they were to occur. I suppose the French mentality on this one is "Why would you need to know when your exams are until right before they take place?", but I confess that my American brain was in overdrive thinking, "Why would you not have the exams scheduled at the beginning of the semester?" Silly me.

But exams were fine. I'm not worried, at least. Whatever that's good for. But there it is, folks. My excuse.

Now I'm back, ready to start working on the farm again. I had a fabulous time. Would I go back? Under different circumstances, certainly. I can envision myself working on a little farm out in the French or German countryside. Who knows?

So don't give up on me. I'll be posting, more or less regularly, about my farm adventures. There will be more photos (and I do have some more Europe photos to share). Thanks for reading.
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