Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When will it all end?

I'm very nervous, caffeinated, etc. The longest election in American history is about to end, and it's been a very long day for me. I voted early, and so today was mostly just me thinking a lot about what might happen. I will probably cry if McCain wins. After eight years of being frustrated with Bush/Cheney, I don't think I could handle another fiasco without shedding a few tears.

I think I've probably said before that I don't think either candidate could feasibly change anything. The entire system is built against change. Neither of the candidates is radical enough for me--I liked Kucinich even if he does believe he saw aliens. A lot of people believe stranger things. But I sucked it up and backed Obama. Because he's different. Because he's intelligent. Because he's...black. Yes, you heard me, I voted for Obama partially because he's black.

If I were black I would vote Obama simply because he's black. It's about freaking time. The white house has been white for far too long in such a diverse nation. There's no excuse except for racism, and I like to think that a vote for black is innately a vote for change. Maybe Obama will be so mired in all the crap that the Bush administration has created that he won't accomplish much of anything except for some stable cleaning. But raking up poop isn't menial or bad or worthless--believe me, I've done way too much of that myself. But then, maybe he really will change some things for the better. Maybe I'm just too cynical and naive at the same time to realize that there is still some hope for the American system in spite of the wear and tear of a couple of centuries of bad policies Here's to you, Barack.

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