Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Company of a Goat

Sorry I've been absent lately. I have minimal access to the internet, and I've been trying not to drive more than I have to, so I rarely get into Asheville to blog. Anyways, I had big plans for this blog. I invested in a digital camera to regale you with photos of the (incredibly charming) goats, but, alas...I put the battery in backwards...and it got stuck...and I can't get it out...and it's one of those $40 rechargeable things. Very depressing. So now I have to either find a way to pry it out or cave in and find a repair place. I've already tried Target and Circuit City, and despite the fact that they sell more cameras than I could have ever imagined they do not service them. Oy vey, indeed.

Well, in better news, we have goats over in the pasture at the trailer. There are 20 baby boys to keep us company, and don't they love having all that space to themselves. It's hard to convey how amazing it is to watch them frolick (and that is a very appropriate word) and wander the fields with their little baby bodies and tiny little horns. There's one Saanen (that's a French alpine goat--white all over) that seems to be attached to me. He sticks his little head between my legs to get my attention. Goats love being scratched behind the shoulder blades on their back--it's a spot they can't reach, and if you find that spot you will have a friend for life. I was thinking about how much easier it is to get along with goats than people. All you have to do is scratch their back, feed them, water them, show a little affection. People are so complicated--and that's both great and terrible. I'll admit to being a complicated, emotional, irrational human being, but it just sucks sometimes. Sometimes all I want is the company of a goat.

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