Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yeah, I Built That

I feel pretty much like a badass. Nailing OSB to the side of a house, putting in windows, using a caulk gun (and making jokes about the caulk gun--use your imagination), and climbing in the rafters have effectively sent me on my ego trip, especially after I got really frustrated with using a hammer this morning and discovered that anger really helps you whack a nail. So, now I'm over the hammer hump and have this glorious sore feeling in my right hand. I also just had this incredible blood orange right off an orange tree and feel pretty good about that. I think it's enough for me just to say that it was a freaking incredible day.

The future owner of our house also come by and made us feel pretty good about what we were doing. She said she couldn't believe we were doing this sort of thing for people that we didn't even know. But isn't that the point? We do things for people because we live within concentric community circles? We have the family circle, the circle of friends, the circle of our community, the circle of our state or province or region, the circle of our nation, and the circle of the planet we inhabit. We are never outside of every circle, and we are never immune from the troubles of fellow community members no matter how distant they may be.

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