Sunday, January 27, 2008

Don't worry, this won't take long

I am going to recommend a book. Every so often I feel it necessary to recommend a book, usually because I believe that particular book has brought about a change in my own thinking or perhaps enlightened me in some way. I do not recommend books lightly because, I know well, that there are far too many good books out there--after awhile the reading list becomes so long that reading is more a task than a pleasure. We are, after all, beings who love to finish things.

This is one of those out of the way novels that finds you by chance. In my case, my boyfriend took a feminist theory course and happened to have this book even though they never got around to reading it. The book is called Native Tongue by Suzette Haden Elgin. It is a feminist science fiction novel. I won't give anything away via plot summary, but it should suffice to say this: this is a novel for all those moments when you knew exactly what you wanted to say but did not have the words to say it because language is ultimately inadequate and cannot be tailored to individual needs without calling out the grammar police. There.

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